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Communications Office

FLYERS 2012-2013

Effective Nov. 27, 2006 San Juan Unified will be instituting a revised process for those community organizations wishing to distribute materials to District students. The revised policy calls for a two-step process. First, community groups must submit a copy of the proposed flyer along with verification of non-profit status using the online submission form at Within 15 business days the group will then receive a written reply to their request indicating that the proposed flyer either meets, or does not meet, established requirements.

All requests will be placed on the San Juan Intranet with an indication if it has met all requirements. Schools are not to distribute flyers that have not been verified by the Information and Communication office. Principals retain the final right to approve or disapprove flyers.

Schools should distribute the Flyer Policy to organizations requesting permission to send out flyers.

Flyers that "Meet Requirements"

#Flyer TitleDate Posted
1.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Girls Volleyball Camp06/04/2013
2.PDF icon Sierra Nevada Journeys06/03/2013
3.PDF icon Cornerstone Community Church Breaking Free05/31/2013
4.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Outdoor Program05/31/2013
5.PDF icon SAS Summer Basketball Skills Camp05/28/2013
6.PDF icon Upward Sports 2013 Soccer Camps05/28/2013
7.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 215 Legette05/28/2013
8.PDF icon SAS Summer Skills Camps05/28/2013
9.PDF icon Never a Victim Introductory Karate Program 201305/24/2013
10.PDF icon Never a Victim Summertime Karate Program 201305/24/2013
11.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Summer Baseball Camps05/20/2013
12.PDF icon American River Water Polo Club05/17/2013
13.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Summer Camp At La Seirra05/17/2013
14.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Summer Youth Programs05/16/2013
15.PDF icon Play Summit05/15/2013
16.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Movies In The Park05/14/2013
17.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Mission Oaks 0514201305/14/2013
18.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Carmichael 0514201305/14/2013
19.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Sunrise 0514201305/14/2013
20.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Fair Oaks 0514201305/14/2013
21.PDF icon Walk On The Wildside Outdoor Festival05/13/2013
22.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Camp-Have-A-Lot-Of-Fun05/13/2013
23.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Bulldog soccer05/13/2013
24.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Camp Kids05/13/2013
25.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Summer Camp05/13/2013
26.PDF icon FEC Community Yard Sale05/08/2013
27.PDF icon FEC Yard Sale 201305/08/2013
28.PDF icon FEC Summer Movie Series05/08/2013
29.PDF icon Sacramento Capitals Mylan WTT USTA Tennis League05/08/2013
30.PDF icon Hotshots Summer Basketball05/08/2013
31.PDF icon Allied Ceramic Clay Camp05/07/2013
32.PDF icon Junior Giants05/07/2013
33.PDF icon Capital Athletic Soccer Academy05/07/2013
34.PDF icon Del Norte Summer Day Camp05/07/2013
35.PDF icon River City Theatre Co Shrek05/06/2013
36.PDF icon Effie Yeaw Nature Center05/06/2013
37.PDF icon Summer Blast Out West05/02/2013
38.PDF icon BV Jr Broncos Football & Cheer05/01/2013
39.PDF icon Asthma Kid's Play Camp05/01/2013
40.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Bronco Summer Basketball Camp05/01/2013
41.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 281 Biggest Splash Badge04/30/2013
42.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Summer Tennis Camp04/30/2013
43.PDF icon Girl Scouts Fair Oaks Library 4/29/201304/29/2013
44.PDF icon Mad Science Summer Camps 201304/29/2013
45.PDF icon Basketball Rocks Clinic 201304/29/2013
46.PDF icon Goal-to-Goal Youth Soccer Camp 201304/29/2013
47.PDF icon Mesa Verde Summer Basketball Camp 201304/29/2013
48.PDF icon VCA Lions Baseball Clinic04/29/2013
49.PDF icon Basketball Training with Michael Shaw 201304/29/2013
50.PDF icon Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps04/29/2013
51.PDF icon British Soccer Camps 201304/29/2013
52.PDF icon Flag Football 201304/29/2013
53.PDF icon ABC's of Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Coloring Book04/26/2013
54.PDF icon Orangevale R&P Summer Fun and Recycling Programs04/26/2013
55.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Writing Seminar 4/201304/25/2013
56.PDF icon Sac Library Summer Reading Program04/25/2013
57.PDF icon Sacramento Library Summer Reading Programs 201304/24/2013
58.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Raiders Football Summer 201304/24/2013
59.PDF icon Capital Youth Sports Matadors04/24/2013
60.PDF icon Girl Scouts Fair Oaks Library04/23/2013
61.PDF icon Girl Scouts Sylvan Oaks Library04/23/2013
62.PDF icon Bayside Kids Camp04/22/2013
63.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Eagles Football Summer 2013 RIO04/19/2013
64.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Eagles Football Summer 2013 EC04/19/2013
65.PDF icon Sacramento Library's Summer Reading Program04/19/2013
66.PDF icon Camp Swanston 201304/19/2013
67.PDF icon Girl Scouts Our Lady of the Assumption04/19/2013
68.PDF icon Carmichael Soccer Club Registration 201304/19/2013
69.PDF icon Cub Scouts Pack 335 Biggest Splash Wins04/19/2013
70.PDF icon Mission El Camino 2013 Soccer Registration04/19/2013
71.PDF icon Aboutkidz Back Pack Application Skycrest04/19/2013
72.PDF icon Aboutkidz Back Pack Application Northridge04/19/2013
73.PDF icon Aboutkidz Back Pack Application Cameron Ranch04/19/2013
74.PDF icon Aboutkidz Back Pack Application Kingswood04/19/2013
75.PDF icon All That Jazz Bella Vista HS04/19/2013
76.PDF icon Early Engineers Cambridge Heights 0405201304/19/2013
77.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan 0405201304/19/2013
78.PDF icon FEC R&P Adventure Club Camp04/19/2013
79.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey 0405201304/19/2013
80.PDF icon Early Engineers Deterding 0405201304/19/2013
81.PDF icon Early Engineers Legette 0405201304/19/2013
82.PDF icon Early Engineers Gold River 0405201304/19/2013
83.PDF icon Early Engineers Pasadena 0405201304/19/2013
84.PDF icon Early Engineers Pershing 0405201304/19/2013
85.PDF icon Early Engineers Sierra Oaks 0405201304/19/2013
86.PDF icon Mad Science Legette04/19/2013
87.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Sierra Oaks 0405201304/19/2013
88.PDF icon San Juan Jr Spartans 0418201304/18/2013
89.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Sunday Funday04/18/2013
90.PDF icon Champion Youth Cheerleading 0418201304/18/2013
91.PDF icon Cub Scouts Pack 281 GRDC04/17/2013
92.PDF icon Sacramento Parks Foundation PBS Kids04/16/2013
93.PDF icon Sacramento Parks Foundation P04/16/2013
94.PDF icon Synchronized Swimming Summer Camp04/15/2013
95.PDF icon Rainbow Girls04/15/2013
96.PDF icon Sacramento United Soccer Club 0415201304/15/2013
97.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Eagles Football04/15/2013
98.PDF icon Nor Cal Youth Sports Summer Basketball & Cheer04/12/2013
99.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Outdoor Summer Fun04/11/2013
100.PDF icon 2013 Sacramento State Aquatic Center04/11/2013
101.PDF icon Fair Oaks Fiesta Days 201304/11/2013
102.PDF icon Arden Park Youth Triathlon04/10/2013
103.PDF icon NHDF Kids Kamp04/09/2013
104.PDF icon STARS Teakwondo04/09/2013
105.PDF icon Arcade Creek R&P Spring Family Circus04/08/2013
106.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 0408201304/08/2013
107.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 0408201304/08/2013
108.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 0408201304/08/2013
109.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 0408201304/08/2013
110.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo 0408201304/08/2013
111.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 0408201304/08/2013
112.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 0408201304/08/2013
113.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights 0408201304/08/2013
114.PDF icon Sacramento Fine Arts Center03/28/2013
115.PDF icon Early Engineers Pershing 0328201303/28/2013
116.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey 0328201303/28/2013
117.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan 0328201303/28/2013
118.PDF icon Early Engineers Gold River 0328201303/28/2013
119.PDF icon Early Engineers Deterding 0328201303/28/2013
120.PDF icon Early Engineers Cambridge Heights03/28/2013
121.PDF icon Cal Fresh03/28/2013
122.PDF icon Del Campo Youth Soccer Club 201303/28/2013
123.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Summer Sports Camps03/27/2013
124.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Summer Camps03/22/2013
125.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Fair Oaks 0322201303/22/2013
126.PDF icon Del Norte Aquatics Club03/22/2013
127.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Youth Dance & Music03/22/2013
128.PDF icon OVParks Events & Classes April 201303/22/2013
129.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Track & Field 201303/22/2013
130.PDF icon Sunrise Soccer Club Registration 201303/20/2013
131.PDF icon Arden Park Soccer Club03/20/2013
132.PDF icon Orangevale Youth Soccer Club Registration 201303/18/2013
133.PDF icon Easter Eggstravaganza Cornerstone Community Church 201303/18/2013
134.PDF icon Bella Vista Jr Broncos Cheer Clinic & Football Camp03/18/2013
135.PDF icon West Coast Athletics03/13/2013
136.PDF icon Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival03/13/2013
137.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Sierra Oaks03/13/2013
138.PDF icon Mission Oaks Incredible Adventures Uck Muck and Yuck03/13/2013
139.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Incredible Adventures Summer 201303/13/2013
140.PDF icon FEC Spring Sports Camp 201303/13/2013
141.PDF icon Royal All-Stars Cheer and Dance03/13/2013
142.PDF icon Kidz Art Sierra Oaks 0312201303/12/2013
143.PDF icon Kidz Art Gold River 0312201303/12/2013
144.PDF icon Kidz Art Cowan 0312201303/12/2013
145.PDF icon Kidz Art Pershing 0312201303/12/2013
146.PDF icon Kidz Art Dewey 0312201303/12/2013
147.PDF icon Kidz Art Carriage 0312201303/12/2013
148.PDF icon Kidz Art Orangevale 0312201303/12/2013
149.PDF icon Kidz Art Del Dayo 0312201303/12/2013
150.PDF icon Kidz Art Cambridge Heights 0312201303/12/2013
151.PDF icon Citrus Heights Soccer Club 201303/11/2013
152.PDF icon Mad Science Dewey03/11/2013
153.PDF icon Mad Science Pershing03/11/2013
154.PDF icon Arden Park R&P All Sports Camp and Minikickers03/08/2013
155.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Mission Oaks 0308201303/08/2013
156.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Carmichael 0308201303/08/2013
157.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Sunrise 0308201303/08/2013
158.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Fair Oaks 0308201303/08/2013
159.PDF icon Fire Station 2403/08/2013
160.PDF icon FEC Fly Fishing-O-Rama03/08/2013
161.PDF icon Easter Eggstravagaza 201303/06/2013
162.PDF icon El Camino Jr Eagles 2013 Football & Cheer03/06/2013
163.PDF icon Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Faire03/06/2013
164.PDF icon Placer Theatre Ballet Cinderella03/06/2013
165.PDF icon National Teen Leadership Program03/06/2013
166.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Easter Egg Hunt03/05/2013
167.PDF icon Rancho Cordova Soccer Club 201303/05/2013
168.PDF icon Mission El Camino Soccer Play Day 201303/01/2013
169.PDF icon FEC Lifeguard Classes 201303/01/2013
170.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Camp Kids Jr Leader Program02/26/2013
171.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Track & Field02/26/2013
172.PDF icon Just For Kicks Gold River 0226201302/26/2013
173.PDF icon Just For Kicks Orangevale 0226201302/26/2013
174.PDF icon Champion Youth Cheerleading02/26/2013
175.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Aquatics 2013 Elementary02/26/2013
176.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Aquatics 201302/26/2013
177.PDF icon Fair Oaks Soccer Club 2013 Registration02/26/2013
178.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Mountain Mikes02/21/2013
179.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Roundtable-Raleys02/21/2013
180.PDF icon Citrus Heights Jr Mavericks Football and Cheer 201302/21/2013
181.PDF icon FEC Spring Fling Fun Camp02/21/2013
182.PDF icon FEC Egg-O-Rama02/21/2013
183.PDF icon YMCA Dodgeball League02/21/2013
184.PDF icon Girl Scouts Mariposa Troop02/15/2013
185.PDF icon American River Water Polo Club Spring 201302/15/2013
186.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Mission Ave02/14/2013
187.PDF icon Girl Scouts Daisy Deterding02/14/2013
188.PDF icon Bella Vista Jr Broncos Cheer Clinic02/13/2013
189.PDF icon Hotshots Spring 2013 Basketball02/12/2013
190.PDF icon Del Campo Jr Cougars Football02/12/2013
191.PDF icon Sacramento Lacrosse Girls and Boys02/12/2013
192.PDF icon Del Campo Jr Cougars Cheer02/12/2013
193.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Summer Reading Skills02/12/2013
194.PDF icon Mission El Camino DPM Private02/12/2013
195.PDF icon Early Engineers Gold River02/11/2013
196.PDF icon Early Engineers Legette02/11/2013
197.PDF icon Early Engineers Pasadena02/11/2013
198.PDF icon Early Engineers Deterding02/11/2013
199.PDF icon Mad Science Thomas Kelly02/11/2013
200.PDF icon Mad Science Mariemont02/11/2013
201.PDF icon Mad Science Ottomon 0211201302/11/2013
202.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan 0211201302/11/2013
203.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 0211201302/11/2013
204.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 0211201302/11/2013
205.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 0211201302/11/2013
206.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 0211201302/11/2013
207.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 0211201302/11/2013
208.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo 0211201302/11/2013
209.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 0211201302/11/2013
210.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights 0211201302/11/2013
211.PDF icon Mad Science Deterding02/07/2013
212.PDF icon Orangevale R&P Events & Classes02/06/2013
213.PDF icon Casa Roble Jr Rams02/05/2013
214.PDF icon Nor Cal Youth Spring Basketball & Cheer02/05/2013
215.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Carmichael Running Club 201302/04/2013
216.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Incredible Adventurs Experiments Gone Wild02/04/2013
217.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Writing Seminar 201302/04/2013
218.PDF icon Sacramento United Soccer Club Spring 201302/04/2013
219.PDF icon Fairytale Town Field Trips and School Programs02/01/2013
220.PDF icon Swanston Spring Break Camp 201301/31/2013
221.PDF icon Carmichael Beavers Swim Team 201301/31/2013
222.PDF icon Mad Science Green Oaks01/31/2013
223.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Spring Classes 201301/31/2013
224.PDF icon Sunrise Soccer Club 201301/28/2013
225.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss01/25/2013
226.PDF icon FEC R&P Presidents Week Camp01/25/2013
227.PDF icon Upward Sports Basketball01/23/2013
228.PDF icon Mad Science Cambridge Heights01/23/2013
229.PDF icon Mad Science Citrus Heights01/23/2013
230.PDF icon Mad Science Del Dayo01/23/2013
231.PDF icon Mad Science Woodside01/23/2013
232.PDF icon Orangevale Youth Soccer Club01/18/2013
233.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Youth Baton Twirling01/18/2013
234.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Basketball Rocks Junior Boys Basketball01/16/2013
235.PDF icon Sunrise Girls Softball01/16/2013
236.PDF icon Allied Ceramics Clay Camp01/15/2013
237.PDF icon Destination Science 201301/15/2013
238.PDF icon Rollingwood Rockets Swim Team01/14/2013
239.PDF icon Mad Science Del Paso Manor01/14/2013
240.PDF icon Sacramento Lacrosse 201301/11/2013
241.PDF icon Swanston President's Week Camp01/10/2013
242.PDF icon FEC 10th Annual Crab Feed01/10/2013
243.PDF icon FEC Fishing Derby 201301/10/2013
244.PDF icon Girl Scouts Build a Troop01/10/2013
245.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss01/10/2013
246.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Raiders Football01/08/2013
247.PDF icon Capital Valley United Soccer Club01/08/2013
248.PDF icon Firefighters Burn Institute Fill The Boot01/08/2013
249.PDF icon Fight the Bite01/08/2013
250.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Father Daughter Dance01/08/2013
251.PDF icon Orangevale R&P Family Magic Show01/08/2013
252.PDF icon Orangevale R&P Classes01/08/2013
253.PDF icon Arden Christian Church Kids Night Out 0103201301/03/2013
254.PDF icon Rollingwood Rockets Swim Team 0102201301/02/2013
255.PDF icon Sunrise Little League 201312/20/2012
256.PDF icon Eastern Little League Sign Ups Spring 201312/20/2012
257.PDF icon University of Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra12/20/2012
258.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Mission Oaks 1220201312/20/2012
259.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Fair Oaks 1220201312/20/2012
260.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Carmichael 1220201312/20/2012
261.PDF icon Sunrise R&P 8th Grade Girls Basketball12/20/2012
262.PDF icon Sunrise R&P 6th & 7th Grade Girls Basketball12/20/2012
263.PDF icon Sunrise R&P 4th & 5th Grade Girls Basketball12/20/2012
264.PDF icon Cordova Girls Softball Spring 201312/20/2012
265.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 1219201212/19/2012
266.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 1219201212/19/2012
267.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 1219201212/19/2012
268.PDF icon KidzArt Ottomon 1219201212/19/2012
269.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 1219201212/19/2012
270.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 1219201212/19/2012
271.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 1219201212/19/2012
272.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo 1219201212/19/2012
273.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights 1219201212/19/2012
274.PDF icon Citrus Heights Little League Spring 201312/13/2012
275.PDF icon LifePrint Next Generation Child Safety Event12/13/2012
276.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Girls Basketball 201312/12/2012
277.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Middle School Sports Wrestling 201312/12/2012
278.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Middle School Boys Basketball 201312/12/2012
279.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Pee Wee Basketball12/11/2012
280.PDF icon Bella Vista Boys Basketball Winter Break Camp12/11/2012
281.PDF icon Bella Vista Jr Broncos Flag Football12/10/2012
282.PDF icon YMCA Junior Kings Youth Basketball12/10/2012
283.PDF icon Fair Oaks Orangevale Little League12/10/2012
284.PDF icon Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team12/07/2012
285.PDF icon FEC R&P Offers12/07/2012
286.PDF icon FEC R&P Sac Parents Connect12/07/2012
287.PDF icon Early Eng Gold River 1205201212/05/2012
288.PDF icon Early Eng Dewey 1205201212/05/2012
289.PDF icon Early Eng Cambridge Heights 1205201212/05/2012
290.PDF icon Early Eng Legette 1205201212/05/2012
291.PDF icon Early Eng Cowan 1205201212/05/2012
292.PDF icon Early Eng Sierra Oaks 1205201212/05/2012
293.PDF icon Northridge Little League 201312/04/2012
294.PDF icon Carmichael Girls Softball Spring 201312/03/2012
295.PDF icon FEC Winter Wonderland Fun Camp11/30/2012
296.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Winter Camp 201211/29/2012
297.PDF icon Sacramento Lacrosse Spring 201311/27/2012
298.PDF icon Whitney Little League Baseball 201311/27/2012
299.PDF icon Scouting Recruiting Gram11/20/2012
300.PDF icon I am the Dream Poetry Contest11/20/2012
301.PDF icon Just for Kicks Gold River 1120201211/20/2012
302.PDF icon Just for Kicks Orangevale 1120201211/20/2012
303.PDF icon Early Engineers Ottomon 1113201211/13/2012
304.PDF icon Early Engineers Sierra Oaks 1113201211/13/2012
305.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 1113201211/13/2012
306.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 1113201211/13/2012
307.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 1113201211/13/2012
308.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 1113201211/13/2012
309.PDF icon Early Engineers Cambridge 1113201211/13/2012
310.PDF icon Early Engineers Pershing 1113201211/13/2012
311.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey 1113201211/13/2012
312.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 1113201211/13/2012
313.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo 1113201211/13/2012
314.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 1113201211/13/2012
315.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights 1113201211/13/2012
316.PDF icon American River Girls Softball Spring 201311/13/2012
317.PDF icon Girl Scouts Howe Avenue Elementary11/13/2012
318.PDF icon Carmichael Park's Holiday Tree Lighting11/08/2012
319.PDF icon Fair Oaks 29th Christmas in the Village11/08/2012
320.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Winter Park11/08/2012
321.PDF icon River Park Youth Baseball11/08/2012
322.PDF icon Girl Scouts Greer11/06/2012
323.PDF icon Girl Scouts Edison Language Institute11/06/2012
324.PDF icon Sacramento United Soccer Club11/06/2012
325.PDF icon FEC R&P Best Babysitter11/01/2012
326.PDF icon Hotshots Winter Basketball 201311/01/2012
327.PDF icon Orangevale R&P Craft Faire and Tree Lighting10/31/2012
328.PDF icon FEC R&P Breakfast with Santa10/30/2012
329.PDF icon Learning Ladder - SES10/30/2012
330.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Boys Basketball League10/29/2012
331.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Boys Elementary Basketball10/29/2012
332.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Girls Elementary Basketball10/29/2012
333.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey 1026201210/26/2012
334.PDF icon Early Engineers Gold River 1026201210/26/2012
335.PDF icon Early Engineers Ottomon 1026201210/26/2012
336.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan 1026201210/26/2012
337.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 1026201410/26/2012
338.PDF icon Early Engineers Pershing 1026201210/26/2012
339.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 1026201210/26/2012
340.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 1026201210/26/2012
341.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 1026201210/26/2012
342.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 1026201210/26/2012
343.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 1026201210/26/2012
344.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights 1026201210/26/2012
345.PDF icon Girl Scouts Cottage10/26/2012
346.PDF icon HighPoints - SES10/25/2012
347.PDF icon 1 to 1 Study Buddy Tutoring - SES10/25/2012
348.PDF icon Academia De Servicio - SES10/25/2012
349.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Share the Spirit - Spanish10/24/2012
350.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Share the Spirit10/24/2012
351.PDF icon Smart Kids - SES10/23/2012
352.PDF icon Alpha - SES10/23/2012
353.PDF icon A+ Education Centers - SES10/19/2012
354.PDF icon Access To Learning - SES10/19/2012
355.PDF icon Girl Scouts Sierra Oaks10/19/2012
356.PDF icon ClubZ - SES10/17/2012
357.PDF icon Natomas Youth Volleyball Spring 201310/17/2012
358.PDF icon Northminster Church Harvest Festival10/17/2012
359.PDF icon Target Excellence - SES10/17/2012
360.PDF icon Champion Youth Outreach10/16/2012
361.PDF icon Girl Scouts Gold River Discovery Center10/16/2012
362.PDF icon Girl Scouts Skycrest Elementary10/16/2012
363.PDF icon Student Nest - SES10/16/2012
364.PDF icon Nor Cal Youth Sports Winter Flag Football210/10/2012
365.PDF icon Academic Tutoring Services - SES10/08/2012
366.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Thanksgiving Tennis Camp10/08/2012
367.PDF icon FEC R&P Trunk or Treat Carnival10/08/2012
368.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Jr Kings Basketball Team League10/08/2012
369.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Jr Kings Hip Hop & Cheerleading10/08/2012
370.PDF icon A Tree of Knowledge - SES10/04/2012
371.PDF icon 1 on 1 Learning with Laptops - SES10/03/2012
372.PDF icon 24 Horas de Tutoria - SES10/03/2012
373.PDF icon A Better Tomorrow (English) - SES10/03/2012
374.PDF icon A Better Tomorrow (Spanish) - SES10/03/2012
375.PDF icon Applied Scholastics (English) - SES10/03/2012
376.PDF icon Applied Scholastics (Spanish) - SES10/03/2012
377.PDF icon ATS Project Success - SES10/03/2012
378.PDF icon Avanza - SES10/03/2012
379.PDF icon Community College Foundation - SES10/03/2012
380.PDF icon Cypress Avenue Baptist Church Harvest Festival 201210/03/2012
381.PDF icon EarEng Gold River 1003201210/03/2012
382.PDF icon Girl Scout Troops at Lichen10/03/2012
383.PDF icon Innovadia LLC - SES10/03/2012
384.PDF icon Jump Into Reading - SES10/03/2012
385.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 1003201210/03/2012
386.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Jr Kings Basketball Academy10/03/2012
387.PDF icon Professional Tutors of America - SES10/03/2012
388.PDF icon Roberts Family Development Center - SES10/03/2012
389.PDF icon The Learning Curve - SES10/03/2012
390.PDF icon Total Education Solutions - SES10/03/2012
391.PDF icon Donor Choose - Chevron (English)10/02/2012
392.PDF icon Donor Choose - Chevron (Spanish)10/02/2012
393.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Boys Basketball10/02/2012
394.PDF icon OV Parks Events Oct 1210/02/2012
395.PDF icon Placer Theatre Ballet The Nutcracker10/02/2012
396.PDF icon Sunrise R&P 6th & 7th Grade Boys Basketball10/02/2012
397.PDF icon Sunrisie R&P 8th Grade Boys Basketball10/02/2012
398.PDF icon Tiutor Works - SES10/02/2012
399.PDF icon Crocker Brochure Fall 201210/01/2012
400.PDF icon Mobile Minds Tutoring - SES10/01/2012
401.PDF icon Orangevale Pony Baseball 2013 Season09/24/2012
402.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Reader's Theater at Sierra Oaks09/20/2012
403.PDF icon New Life Free Harvest Festival09/20/2012
404.PDF icon Revolution Twirl Club at Cowan09/19/2012
405.PDF icon Swanston Turkey Day Camp09/18/2012
406.PDF icon Early Engineers Legette Sept 201209/14/2012
407.PDF icon Sacramento Regional Tennis Foundation-Gold River09/14/2012
408.PDF icon Sacramento Regional Tennis Foundation-Sacramento09/14/2012
409.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Jr Maverick Fall Instructional Basketball Camp09/14/2012
410.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 635 Citrus Heights United Methodist Church09/13/2012
411.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan Sept 201209/13/2012
412.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey Sept 201209/13/2012
413.PDF icon Early Engineers Pershing Sept 201209/13/2012
414.PDF icon Early Engineers Sierra Oaks Sept 201209/13/2012
415.PDF icon JDRF Emily's Cure Crew 201209/13/2012
416.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge Heights Sept 201209/13/2012
417.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan Sept 201209/13/2012
418.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo Sept 201209/13/2012
419.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey Sept 201209/13/2012
420.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale Sept 201209/13/2012
421.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing Sept 201209/13/2012
422.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks Sept 201209/13/2012
423.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Fall Youth Programs 201209/12/2012
424.PDF icon Early Engineers GRDC Sept 201209/12/2012
425.PDF icon FEC R&P Concert in the Park09/12/2012
426.PDF icon FEC R&P Yard Sale09/12/2012
427.PDF icon Harvest Carnival First Covenant Church09/12/2012
428.PDF icon KidzArt GRDC Sept 201209/12/2012
429.PDF icon Orangevale Community Harvest Festival & Chili Cook-Off09/12/2012
430.PDF icon OVParks Events & Classes09/12/2012
431.PDF icon Never a Victim Back to School Karate09/10/2012
432.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P 14th Annual Family Magic Show09/06/2012
433.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Carmichael Running Club09/04/2012
434.PDF icon River City Theatre Co Alice in Wonderland09/04/2012
435.PDF icon Upward Sports Basketball & Cheer08/30/2012
436.PDF icon American River Water Polo Club Winter 201208/29/2012
437.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 204 Cypress Ave Baptist Church08/28/2012
438.PDF icon Chinese Language Classes at Deterding08/27/2012
439.PDF icon Arden Christian Church Kids Night Out08/24/2012
440.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 53 Mariemont08/24/2012
441.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 55 Carmichael Park08/24/2012
442.PDF icon FEC R&P Ballet and Taekwondo08/24/2012
443.PDF icon FEC R&P Before & After School08/24/2012
444.PDF icon Just for Kicks Orangevale08/24/2012
445.PDF icon Just for Kicks Prospect Hill Park08/24/2012
446.PDF icon Sac Youth Flag Football League08/24/2012
447.PDF icon Fairytale Town ScholarShare Children's Book Festival08/22/2012
448.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Writing Seminar08/22/2012
449.PDF icon Bella Vista Band Boosters Band of Pirates08/21/2012
450.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 212 St. Joseph08/21/2012
451.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 281 Muscle Men08/21/2012
452.PDF icon Early Engineers Sierra Oaks08/21/2012
453.PDF icon Early Engineers Cowan08/21/2012
454.PDF icon Early Engineers Dewey08/21/2012
455.PDF icon Early Engineers GRDC08/21/2012
456.PDF icon Early Engineers Ottoman08/21/2012
457.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Chicken Festival08/21/2012
458.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Mother Son Kickball 201208/21/2012
459.PDF icon Hotshots Fall Basketball 201208/21/2012
460.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Carmichael08/21/2012
461.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Fair Oaks08/21/2012
462.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Mission Oaks08/21/2012
463.PDF icon Kidz Love Soccer Sunrise08/21/2012
464.PDF icon NCADD Strengthening Families Fall 201208/21/2012
465.PDF icon Sunrise R&P NFL Youth Flag Football08/21/2012
466.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Players Academy Fall Basketball Clinic08/21/2012
467.PDF icon Bella Vista Band Boosters Jr Dance Clinic08/20/2012
468.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 21508/20/2012
469.PDF icon Cub Scout Pack 335 Mission08/20/2012
470.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Flag Football 201208/20/2012
471.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Elementary Volleyball 201208/20/2012
472.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Middle School Flag Football 201208/20/2012
473.PDF icon Mission Oaks R&P Middle School Volleyball 201208/20/2012
474.PDF icon Stage Stompers - Dewey Treasure Island08/20/2012
475.PDF icon Sunrise R&P Basketball Rocks08/20/2012
476.PDF icon Sunrise R&P NFL Flag Football08/20/2012
477.PDF icon GS Arden-Dimick Library 0906201208/09/2012
478.PDF icon GS Carmichael Lib 0911201208/09/2012
479.PDF icon GS Carmichael Library 0918201208/09/2012
480.PDF icon GS Deterding 0919201208/09/2012
481.PDF icon GS Round Table Pizza 0913201208/09/2012
482.PDF icon GS Sylvan Oaks Library 0906201208/09/2012
483.PDF icon Mission Oaks After School Adventures Fall 201208/09/2012
484.PDF icon Fair Oaks R&P Jr NFL Flag Football 201208/08/2012
485.PDF icon Nor Cal Youth Sports Fall Session 201208/08/2012
486.PDF icon Champion Youth Outreach08/06/2012
487.PDF icon KidzArt Cambridge 0803201208/03/2012
488.PDF icon KidzArt Cowan 0803201208/03/2012
489.PDF icon KidzArt Del Dayo 0803201208/03/2012
490.PDF icon KidzArt Dewey 0803201208/03/2012
491.PDF icon KidzArt Gold River 0803201208/03/2012
492.PDF icon KidzArt Orangevale 0803201208/03/2012
493.PDF icon KidzArt Pershing 0803201208/03/2012
494.PDF icon KidzArt Sierra Oaks 0803201208/03/2012
495.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Elementary Flag Football08/02/2012
496.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Elementary Volleyball08/02/2012
497.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Kid's Hangout08/02/2012
498.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Middle School Flag Football08/02/2012
499.PDF icon Carmichael R&P Middle School Volleyball08/02/2012

Flyers that are "Not Approved" - Do not post these flyers

#Flyer TitleDate Posted
1. PDF icon Antelope Crossing Spooktacular 09/29/2011
2.PDF icon Kops N Kids Sacramento04/01/2011
3.PDF icon Tricks Gymnastics - Dance - Swim08/25/2010
4.PDF icon Mitchell Marauders Summer Youth Basketball Clinic06/01/2010
5.PDF icon Creative Frontiers / Camp Frontiers05/24/2010
6.PDF icon Center for Cultural Interchange05/26/2010
7.PDF icon Fair Oaks Pre-School05/26/2010
8.PDF icon Wonderland School05/26/2010
9.PDF icon National Child Abuse Prevention Month03/17/2010

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