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Communications Office

FLYERS 2017-2018

Effective Nov. 27, 2006 San Juan Unified will be instituting a revised process for those community organizations wishing to distribute materials to District students. The revised policy calls for a two-step process. First, community groups must submit a copy of the proposed flyer along with verification of non-profit status using the online submission form at Within 15 business days the group will then receive a written reply to their request indicating that the proposed flyer either meets, or does not meet, established requirements.

All requests will be placed on the San Juan Intranet with an indication if it has met all requirements. Schools are not to distribute flyers that have not been verified by the Information and Communication office. Principals retain the final right to approve or disapprove flyers.

Schools should distribute the Flyer Policy to organizations requesting permission to send out flyers.

Flyers that "Meet Requirements"

#Flyer TitleDate Posted
1.PDF icon Orangevale BB Nor Cal Youth Sports 2017 201801/19/2018
2.PDF icon Fight the Bite Contest MVCD 2017 201801/18/2018
3.PDF icon Presidents' Week Camp MissionOaksRPD 2017 201801/17/2018
4.PDF icon Carmichael Beavers Swim Season 2017 201801/17/2018
5.PDF icon Rec Van Eastern Oak Park MissionOaksRPD 2017 201801/17/2018
6.PDF icon Learn to play tennis 12 Thursdays Del Dayo YLT 2017 201801/12/2018
7.PDF icon Learn to play tennis Green Oaks Jan April Youth League Tennis 2017 201801/12/2018
8.PDF icon Eastern Little League 2017 201801/12/2018
9.PDF icon Fire Dept., Demo and Safety Fair 2017 201801/12/2018
10.PDF icon Discover the Girl Scout Advantage GoldRiverDC ONLY 2017201801/04/2018
11.PDF icon IntelliBricks Lego Robotics classes Sierra Oaks ONLY 2017 201801/03/2018
12.PDF icon Magical Mysteries OrangevaleRPD 2017 201801/03/2018
13.PDF icon OV parks January classes OrangevaleRPD 20172 201801/03/2018
14.PDF icon ACAI Studios & Gallery 2018 201701/03/2018
15.PDF icon LEGO robotics classes Cowan (ONLY) Feather Inc. 2017 201812/19/2017
16.PDF icon LEGO robotics classes Mariemont (ONLY) Blue Feather Inc. 2017 201812/19/2017
17.PDF icon Wanted Father Daughter Dance Fair Oaks Youth Advisory Board 2017 201812/15/2017
18.PDF icon Citrus Heights LL spring registration 2017 201812/13/2017
19.PDF icon Safety with children and dogs OrangevaleRPD 2017 201812/13/2017
20.PDF icon Spring registration Arden LL baseball 2017 201812/08/2017
21.PDF icon pee wee basketball CarmichaelRPD 2017 201812/08/2017
22.PDF icon Dream it draw it Del Paso Manor FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
23.PDF icon Dream it draw it Gold River DC FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
24.PDF icon Dream it draw it Mariemont FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
25.PDF icon Dream it draw it Orangevale Open FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
26.PDF icon Dream it draw it Pershing FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
27.PDF icon Dream it draw it Sierra Oaks FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
28.PDF icon Dream it draw it Del Dayo FFA 2017 201812/06/2017
29.PDF icon Build a better future Mariemont EE 2017 201812/06/2017
30.PDF icon Build a better future Sierra Oaks EE 2017 201812/06/2017
31.PDF icon Build a better future Cowan EE 2017 201812/06/2017
32.PDF icon Build a better future Pershing EE 2017 201812/06/2017
33.PDF icon Build a better future Dewey EE 2017 201812/06/2017
34.PDF icon Build a better future Del Paso Manor EE 2017 201812/06/2017
35.PDF icon Build a better future Deterding EE 2017 201812/06/2017
36.PDF icon American River girls softball 2017 201812/05/2017
37.PDF icon Preschool FultonElCaminoRPD 2017 201812/04/2017
38.PDF icon Elementary Boys Basketball MissionOaksRPD 2017 201812/04/2017
39.PDF icon Winter wonderland fun camp FultonElCaminoRPD 2017 201812/04/2017
40.PDF icon before & after school FultonElCaminoRPD 2017 201812/04/2017
41.PDF icon Winter Camp MissionOaksRPD 2017 201812/01/2017
42.PDF icon Northridge Little League Spring 2017 201811/27/2017
43.PDF icon Upward Sports Town and Country LC 2017 201811/21/2017
44.PDF icon Spanish Classroom After school enrichment Mission OaksRPD 2017 201811/21/2017
45.PDF icon Cordova Girls Softball 2017 201811/21/2017
46.PDF icon Arabic Montessori Class postcard 2017 201811/21/2017
47.PDF icon Arabic Montessori Class 2017 201811/21/2017
48.PDF icon carmichaelgirlssoftball2017201811/15/2017
49.PDF icon Eagle Cheer Clinic El Camino HS 2017 201811/09/2017
50.PDF icon Sunrise Little League Spring BB 2017 201811/09/2017
51.PDF icon Self-Defense & Safety Awareness Ed Champion Youth 2017 201811/08/2017
52.PDF icon Breakfast with Santa FultonElCaminoRPD 2017 201811/08/2017
53.PDF icon Let's Play Ball OrangevaleRPD 2017 201811/07/2017
54.PDF icon come sing with us Childrens Chorus 2017 201811/03/2017
55.PDF icon Turkey Day Camp Mission OaksRPD 2017 201811/03/2017
56.PDF icon elementary basketball CarmichaelRPD 2017 201811/01/2017
57.PDF icon pirate programming computer coding deterding dream classes 2017 201810/26/2017
58.PDF icon pirate programming computer coding gold river dream classes 2017 201810/26/2017
59.PDF icon pirate programming computer coding sierra oaks dream classes 2017 210810/26/2017
60.PDF icon after school art classes FFA dream classes 2017 201810/26/2017
61.PDF icon Winter youth programs CarmichaelRPD 2017 201810/26/2017
62.PDF icon Folsom Natomas Sacramento Spring youth volleyball USYVL 2017 201810/26/2017
63.PDF icon Rancho Cordova Little League 2017 201810/23/2017
64.PDF icon Discover the Girl Scout Advantage 2017 201810/23/2017
65.PDF icon Fall breakout wrestling camp youth empowerment fitness 2017 201810/23/2017
66.PDF icon Share the Spirit Fair Oaks RPD 2017 201810/23/2017
67.PDF icon Community meeting Fair Oaks RPD 2017 201810/20/2017
68.PDF icon crazy chemworks winter trajan Mad Science 2017 201810/20/2017
69.PDF icon NASA Journey into outer space winter oakview Mad Science 2017 201810/20/2017
70.PDF icon NASA Journey into outer space winter dewey Mad Science 2017 201810/20/2017
71.PDF icon 4th-5th grade boys basketball league Sunrise RPD 2017 201810/20/2017
72.PDF icon 2nd-3rd grade boys basketball league Sunrise RPD 2017 201810/20/2017
73.PDF icon the pumpkin bash life centered church 2017 201810/18/2017
74.PDF icon Youth Wrestling Scots Wrestling Club 2017 201810/18/2017
75.PDF icon 10th annual spooktacular MORPD 2017 201810/17/2017
76.PDF icon Touch a Truck ArdenCreekRPD 2017 201810/17/2017
77.PDF icon Orangevale parks November classes OrangevaleRPD 2017 201810/17/2017
78.PDF icon St. Mark's youth basketball SMYBL 2017 201810/13/2017
79.PDF icon nor-cal youth sports basketball & cheerleading 2017 201810/13/2017
80.PDF icon youth basketball league HOTSHOTS winter season 2017 201810/13/2017
81.PDF icon Fair Oaks Lacrosse 2018 201810/12/2017
82.PDF icon come dance with us bella vista 2017 201810/12/2017
83.PDF icon little league baseball Fulton ElCaminoRPD 2017 201810/12/2017
84.PDF icon spooktacular halloween carnival Fulton ElCaminoRPD 2017 201810/11/2017
85.PDF icon carmichael little league 2017 201810/11/2017
86.PDF icon dream classes ee deterding 2017 201810/11/2017
87.PDF icon dream classes ee mariemont 2017 201810/11/2017
88.PDF icon dream classes ee sierra oaks 2017 201810/11/2017
89.PDF icon dream classes ee cowan 2017 201810/11/2017
90.PDF icon dream classes ee pershing 2017 201810/11/2017
91.PDF icon dream classes ee del paso manor 2017 201810/11/2017
92.PDF icon dream classes ee dewey 2017 201810/11/2017
93.PDF icon FFA after school art del dayo 2017 201810/11/2017
94.PDF icon FFA after school art del paso manor 2017 201810/11/2017
95.PDF icon FFA after school art sierra oaks 2017 201810/11/2017
96.PDF icon FFA after school art mariemont 2017 201810/11/2017
97.PDF icon FFA after school art orangevale open 2017 201810/11/2017
98.PDF icon FFA after school art pershing 2017 201810/11/2017
99.PDF icon building strong families the orchard 2017 201810/05/2017
100.PDF icon Beauty and the Beast (spanish) cornerstone comm. church 2017 201810/04/2017
101.PDF icon Beauty and the Beast cornerstone comm. church 2017 201810/04/2017
102.PDF icon halloween extravaganza bella vista 2017 201810/04/2017
103.PDF icon kids club cornerstone comm. church 2017 201809/25/2017
104.PDF icon Harvest Festival Mutual Asst. Network 2017 201809/25/2017
105.PDF icon Camp Fair Oaks Winter Break FairOaksRPD 2017 201809/25/2017
106.PDF icon Block Party First Baptist Church F.O. 2017 201809/25/2017
107.PDF icon Sunrise Girls Softball 2017 201809/25/2017
108.PDF icon Whitney LL Spring Season 2017 201809/15/2017
109.PDF icon yardsale october 01 Fulton ElCaminoRPD 2017 201809/14/2017
110.PDF icon elementary girls basketball MORPD 2017 201809/14/2017
111.PDF icon breakfast with santa FairOaksRPD 2017 201809/13/2017
112.PDF icon family fright night OrangevaleRPD 2017 201809/11/2017
113.PDF icon Spanish classroom deterding MORPD 2017 201809/11/2017
114.PDF icon Fall Ensemble Acting Classes Sac Theatre 2017 201809/11/2017
115.PDF icon carmichael running club MORPD 2017 201809/08/2017
116.PDF icon elementary flag football skills clinic MORPD 2017 201809/08/2017
117.PDF icon Girl Scout All About Del Campo 2017 201809/08/2017
118.PDF icon crazy chemworks mad science green oaks 2017 201809/07/2017
119.PDF icon robots, energy & biobeasts mad science twin lakes 2017 201809/07/2017
120.PDF icon zaps, booms & shocking sights mad science legette 2017 201809/07/2017
121.PDF icon mother son kickball FairOaksRPD 2017 201809/07/2017
122.PDF icon Make a difference citrus heights lions 2017 201809/07/2017
123.PDF icon OV parks Events & Classes OrangevaleRPD 2017 201809/05/2017
124.PDF icon Zaps, Booms & Shocking Sights Mad Science Earl Legette 2017 201809/05/2017
125.PDF icon Robots, Energy, & Big Beasts Mad Science oakview 2017 201808/29/2017
126.PDF icon Fishing in the city Fulton El CaminoRPD 2017 201808/29/2017
127.PDF icon Critter Bots dream enrichment Gold River DC 2017 201808/29/2017
128.PDF icon leave the mess to us FFA Gold River DC 2017 201808/29/2017
129.PDF icon leave the mess to us FFA pershing 2017 201808/29/2017
130.PDF icon Fall Soccer Fun Gold River DC CordovaRPD 2017 201808/28/2017
131.PDF icon Cub Scouts info night cub scouts pack 53 2017 201808/28/2017
132.PDF icon ACAI Studios & Gallery 2017 201808/28/2017
133.PDF icon After School Tennis Gold River DC Youth League Tennis 2017 201808/28/2017
134.PDF icon Learn to play tennis Del Dayo Youth League Tennis 2017 201808/28/2017
135.PDF icon Lean to play tennis Green Oaks Youth League Tennis 2017 201808/28/2017
136.PDF icon Learn to play tennis Orangevale Open Youth League Tennis 2017 201808/28/2017
137.PDF icon Learn to play tennis del dayo Youth league 2017 201808/28/2017
138.PDF icon Elementary School Volleyball MORPD 2017 201808/28/2017
139.PDF icon Fall Youth Programs CarmRPD 2017 201808/28/2017
140.PDF icon learn to play tennis orangevale open 2017 201808/28/2017
141.PDF icon leave the mess for us FFA del dayo 2017 201808/28/2017
142.PDF icon leave the mess for us FFA del paso manor 2017 201808/28/2017
143.PDF icon leave the mess for us FFA mariemont 2017 201808/28/2017
144.PDF icon leave the mess for us FFA sierra oaks 2017 201808/28/2017
145.PDF icon build with us EE deterding 2017 201808/28/2017
146.PDF icon build with us EE cowan 2017 201808/28/2017
147.PDF icon build with us EE sierra oaks 2017 201808/28/2017
148.PDF icon build with us EE dewey 2017 201808/28/2017
149.PDF icon build with us EE mariemont 2017 201808/28/2017
150.PDF icon build with us EE pershing 2017 201808/28/2017
151.PDF icon build with us EE del paso manor 2017 201808/28/2017
152.PDF icon scholarshare children's book festival fairytale town 2017 201808/11/2017
153.PDF icon NFL flag football SunriseRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
154.PDF icon girls volleyball 6th & 7th SunriseRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
155.PDF icon self defense safety awareness ed champion youth 2017 201808/11/2017
156.PDF icon kid's hangout after school CarmRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
157.PDF icon 12th annual chicken festival Fair OaksRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
158.PDF icon Seasonal Science Cambridge Heights Mad Science 2017 201808/11/2017
159.PDF icon Spanish Classroom After School 8 weeks MORPD 2017 201808/11/2017
160.PDF icon spanish classroom after school enrichment MORPD 2017 201808/11/2017
161.PDF icon fall soccer fun OrangevaleRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
162.PDF icon incredible adventures secret agent 101 MORPD 2017 201808/11/2017
163.PDF icon dream classes critter bots deterding 2017 201808/11/2017
164.PDF icon dream classes critter bots pershing 2017 201808/11/2017
165.PDF icon dream classes critter bots sierra oaks 2017 201808/11/2017
166.PDF icon Zaps, Booms & Shocking Sights Trajan Mad Science 2017 201808/11/2017
167.PDF icon Spaghetti Feed & Bingo Night Northridge Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce 2017 201808/11/2017
168.PDF icon Elementary Volleyball CarmRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
169.PDF icon Elementary Flag Football Skills Clinics CarmRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
170.PDF icon Jr. NFL Flag Football League CarmRPD 2017 201808/11/2017
171.PDF icon After School Adventures MORPD 2017 201808/11/2017
172.PDF icon NASA Journey Into Outer Space Mad Science 201708/09/2017

Flyers that are "Not Approved" - Do not post these flyers

#Flyer TitleDate Posted
1. PDF icon Antelope Crossing Spooktacular 09/29/2011
2.PDF icon Kops N Kids Sacramento04/01/2011
3.PDF icon Tricks Gymnastics - Dance - Swim08/25/2010
4.PDF icon Mitchell Marauders Summer Youth Basketball Clinic06/01/2010
5.PDF icon Creative Frontiers / Camp Frontiers05/24/2010
6.PDF icon Center for Cultural Interchange05/26/2010
7.PDF icon Fair Oaks Pre-School05/26/2010
8.PDF icon Wonderland School05/26/2010
9.PDF icon National Child Abuse Prevention Month03/17/2010

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