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SJUSD Student Information System

  Q/Zangle Student Information System

Q/Zangle is SJUSD’s student information management system and is the official system of record for San Juan Unified School District student information which includes Student Enrollment, Scheduling, Attendance, Grade Reporting, Transcripts, Behavior, Health, Test History, Services and Programs, English Learner, and Special Education programs.

Q/Zangle is made of the following applications:

  • Q/Zangle FrontOffice is a Windows application that the school office staff (secretaries, attendance clerks, and registrars, etc.), school administrators (principals and vice principals), and district office staff use to manage student information.
  • Q Web (Previously Teacher Connection) is accessed via a web browser and contains attendance roll, grade book, and classroom management tools specifically designed to meet teachers' needs. The URL for TeacherConnect is:
  • Parent Portal is a website for parents where they are able to view their child's progress online. Its goal is to increase communication between the parents, classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators. The URL for ParentConnection is:
  • Student Portal is a website for students where they are able to view their own progress and attendance online and request courses for their next term. Its goal is to increase communication between teachers and students, and provide opportunities for students to take direct responsibility for their acheivement. The URL for StudentConnection is:

Q/Zangle also interfaces to third party systems at SJUSD such as SEIS (Special Education Information System), School Messenger, Read180, Data Director, VersaTrans and Bus Fees (Transportation), eTrition and MySchoolBucks (Food Services), Renaissance Learning, Paradigm, Follett (Library), Blue Bear (Student Store), Student Active Directory, Moodle, Naviance, and other systems.

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