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Zangle Student Information System (SIS) Training

   Welcome to Zangle SIS Training

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This portion of the SIS web site will undergo some very exciting changes as new training resources are developed during the SJUSD adoption of the Zangle SIS. SJUSD specific training material will be created to assist end users in using the Zangle application to conduct business in the San Juan Unified School District.

Training Documentation

Zangle Attendance Handbook
Version 1.0; Updated July 22, 2009

Zangle Behavior Handbook
Version 1.1; Updated July 22, 2009

Zangle Enrollment Handbook for Schools
Version 1.0 (3); Updated July 21, 2009

Zangle Introduction to FrontOffice Handbook
Version 1.0; Updated July 14, 2009

Zangle Scheduling Handbook for Elementary Schools
DRAFT; Version 0.4; Updated July 10.2009

Zangle Scheduling Handbook for Secondary Schools
DRAFT; Version 0.4; Updated July 12, 2009

These handbooks along with addtional information can also be found at San Juan Online Forums in the District Discussion Forums under Zangle SIS. This resource can be accessed from the district and also from home.

Training Types

There are three types of training associated with the Zangle SIS Implementation at SJUSD:

  • Application Training and Configuration Workshops (Focus Groups) – These are interactive sessions for small Focus Groups to discuss specific functional areas with district subject matter experts. The purpose of these sessions is to understand the Zangle application and evaluate how San Juan Unified School District business practices will be merged with the new Zangle SIS. This will be done by a combination of configuration options in Zangle and SJUSD business practice changes.

Focus Group Graphic

  • Train-the-Trainer Training – These sessions will be used to discuss how SJUSD will be using the Zangle SIS and refine the training curriculum for SJUSD specific training. Zangle training experts will train SJUSD personnel responsible for delivering end user training.

training graphic

  • End User Training – All end users will receive training specific to their functional area.

Please refer to the SIS Implementation Project Communication Plan Summary for more information on the Focus Group process and the Train-the-Trainer model.

Communication Plan Summary

Zangle Implementation Calendar - (Revised 7/27/09)

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