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Technology Services: Internet Content Filtering

In order to comply with the FCC Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements, support safe searching, and improve Internet safety, the District has implemented a new Internet content filter. This new Internet content filter has pervasive impact on Internet web searching within the District, so please review the sections below for more information on how this will impact you.

Digital Certificates
The new enhanced content filter requires use of new District Security Certificates. For most District computing devices, there is no action required. However, for Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) and older, unmanaged District devices, you must install the certificate on your device.

The installation instructions can be found HERE.

District Approved Search Engines
When searching for Internet content, you will only be able to use three District-approved search engines: (1) Google, (2) Yahoo, and (3) Bing. If you try to search the web using any other search engine, you will be blocked and receive a response page with more information.

Note: We do not support the myriad of search engines on the Internet because we cannot support safe searching on them. These three District-approved search engines provide the necessary means to implement safe searching.

Supported Web Browsers
The following browsers on District-owned devices do not require any special installation:
  • Safari on Macintosh
  • IE / Edge on Windows
  • Chrome on Macintosh and Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox on Macintosh
However, the Mozilla Firefox browser on District-owned Windows devices requires a manual update. Please follow the steps below to apply this update.
  1. Click on the 'District Start Menu' at the bottom of your screen
  2. Select '~ Firefox Install with Certificate'
All other browsers are not supported.

District-Owned Devices
District-owned devices are those purchased by the District for District use. These include Apple Macintosh and HP Windows desktops and laptops, Google Chromebooks, and Apple iPads. The District also has some cell phones using the District wireless network, and these too are managed.

For most District computing devices that are managed, there is no action required. However, for District-owned devices older than five years that are not managed, such as older iPads, MacBooks, you may experience issues.

If you are having trouble browsing the Internet on your device, then please contact the Support Desk @ x7195 or submit a ticket online HERE. Please be sure to include the serial number and asset tag for your device for quicker assistance.

Non-District Owned Personal Devices
Non-District owned devices may be used on the District wireless network, 'SJWS', by browsing to WWW.SANJUAN.EDU and entering your district network account and password. In the District Boardroom, you may also connect to the wireless network, 'SJWS-Guest', without a District account. In either case, you must install the District Security Certificate on your device to browse securely on the Internet.

URL Filtering Categories
Palo Alto Networks, the District's Internet content filter provider, maintains a database of websites placed in approximately 60 different URL categories. The District has blocked all websites falling into the following categories in their entirety:

Name Description
Adult Sexually explicit material, media (including language), art, and/or products, online groups or forums that are sexually explicit in nature. Sites that promote adult services such as video/telephone conferencing, escort services, strip clubs, etc. Anything containing adult content (even if it's games or comics) will be categorized as adult.
Dating Websites offering online dating services, advice, and other personal ads.
Extremism Websites promoting terrorism, racism, fascism or other extremist views discriminating people or groups of different ethnic backgrounds, religions or other beliefs. Should not include websites discussing controversial political or religious views.
Gambling Lottery or gambling websites that facilitate the exchange of real and/or virtual money. Related websites that provide information, tutorials or advice regarding gambling, including betting odds and pools. Corporate websites for hotels and casinos that do not enable gambling are categorized under Travel.
Hacking Sites relating to the illegal or questionable access to or the use of communications equipment/software. Development and distribution of programs, how-to-advice and/or tips that may result in the compromise of networks and systems. Also includes sites that facilitate the bypass of licensing and digital rights systems.
Malware Sites containing malicious content, executables, scripts, viruses, trojans, and code.
Nudity Sites that contain nude or seminude depictions of the human body, regardless of context or intent, such as artwork. Includes nudist or naturist sites containing images of participants.
Peer-to-Peer Sites that provide access to or clients for peer-to-peer sharing of torrents, download programs, media files, or other software applications. This is primarily for those sites that provide bit torrent download capabilities. Does not include shareware or freeware sites.
Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers Proxy servers and other methods that bypass URL filtering or monitoring.
Search Engines Sites that provide a search interface using keywords, phrases, or other parameters that may return information, websites, images or files as results.

How to Request to Block or Unblock a Website
To request a website be blocked or unblocked, complete a service request ticket HERE.
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