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Computer Replacement Program


Do I qualify for a new computer?

For the past few years the district has grappled with what to do with a fleet of computers that is aging and which employees need to fulfill their job responsibilities. The district has addressed the problem with the formation of the Computer Replacement Project (CRP). A yearly fund has been identified to replace employee computers on a five-year cycle.

The basic points of the plan are;

  • At least 50% of an employee's salary and benefits must be budgeted out of the General Purpose Fund, Special Education or Transportation in order to qualify for a computer replacement.
  • Budget provides a list of qualified employees to Technology Services, we do not make the decision of who is on the list.
  • One computer per qualified employee, unless they share a contract.
  • Microsoft Office is included for every employee.
  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Reader is free for every employee. The full version of Adobe Acrobat 8 will be installed, if requested.
  • Low-end Apple or HP desktop computers are the standard in order to minimize costs. If site personnel want laptops then they must pay the difference and inform Technology Services' Project Lead personnel when the site is contacted.
  • If a computer monitor fails it will be replaced with a flat panel monitor.
  • Printers are not being replaced.

The Computer Replacement Project (CRP) staff have started replacing computers that are 5 years old or older for qualified employees. Your site will be contacted when it is time to replace your computer.

The computers do not belong to the site. The computer serial number is identified to a specific employee and room location. If you lose staff at your site, please inform the Project Lead and the computer will be redistributed to where it is most needed.

If you want to determine if you are a qualified employee, then you will need to look at your salary and benefits budget code to discover if at least 50% of your salary and benefits is paid out of the General Purpose Fund, Special Education or Transportation.

For questions, Teresa Russell is the Project Lead for the Teaching Staff and can be contacted at 7224 or Cathy Dodds is the Project lead for the School and Department Administrative Staff and can be contacted at 7688 or

Dan O'Halloran
Manager Desktop Support
San Juan Unified School District

Procedure for reporting stolen computers that are covered under the Train REC (Updated: 10/02/07)
Ordering Laptop Computers for CRP Eligible Staff Members (Updated: 1/11/08)

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