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This section contains course descriptions, schedules, and registration information for classroom training provided by Technology Services Training.

View a list of upcoming certificated classes using the Class Schedules.

Digital Learning Library

The San Juan Digital Learning Library was developed by Technology Services to provide staff with "on-demand" access to training on specific operational and instructional technologies essential to supporting the work of the District. These tutorial "screencasts" are available online, 24/7, and are viewable on most computing devices, including tablets and various "smart" mobile handheld computing tools.

Electronic Registrar System

The Electronic Registrar System electronically tracks continuing education hours for certificated employees. Use of this system allows each employee to be accountable for tracking their own progress in completing requirements. How to Register:

  1. Log in here with your User ID and Password. If you do not know your User ID or password, contact Support Desk or 971-7195 opt 2.
  2. Navigate to the "Course Catalog" tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Type in the SRN to find a particular class..
  4. Look in the "Additional Information" section of each class offering to see the class title and information about the class. Also note the dates of the class and the total hours of possible credit.
  5. When you find a class that you would like to register for, click "Register" to the left of the offering.
Viewing/Modifying Your Profile:
  1. Navigate to the "My Profile" tab.
  2. Ensure that the information in your profile is correct.
  3. To modify information in your profile click "ModifyProfile" or "Modify Pin".
  4. Make any necessary changes and scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click "Update." If you do not update, the system will not save your information.
  5. Pay special attention to your e-mail address (please use district e-mail addresses ONLY) and your location/classification when viewing and modifying your profile.
Printing Your Transcript:
  1. Go to My Transcript and choose the "Print Report" button.
  2. Click "View Report" to view report.
  3. Select "Attended" for sessions marked attended or "All" to view all classes registered. The report will open in Adobe PDF.
  4. Use the Printer icon in the Adobe Window to print transcript.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to notify Human Resources as soon as he/she has sufficient hours/units for salary advancement. This notification must be made by providing a printed copy of your ERO transcript to Human Resources. ERO does not notify Human Resources when a teacher earns hours/units. While Human Resources can view the hours/units for each teacher, they are not able to monitor the account for every teacher in the district.

If you have a training that you'd like to attend that is not being offered by SJUSD, SJTA or one of our other authorized/pre-approved trainers, please submit a paper "Request for Prior Approval" form from "Forms & Docs" and send to Human Resources. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE OUT OF DISTRICT TRANSFER CREDIT OPTION ON THE ERO SYSTEM.

If you have any difficulties registering, please contact the Technology Services Support Desk (971-7195 option 2 OR

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